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Park Lane team celebrate with Dr.Dawn Harper, MP Peter Aldous and Daya Thayan
Park Lane
Paula Baker, Yaxley House manager, receives her award
Paula Baker
Jolanta Gebura received her trophy for registered nurse of the year
Jolanta Gebura
Nicola Turner, From Queen Charlotte in Weymouth, announced as support worker of the year
Nicola Turner
Adriana Jaracz, Park Lane administrator receives her award
Adriana Jaracz
Yaxley House domestic Theresa Rampley is honoured at the awards
Theresa Rampley
Colne House chef Amanda Wilmerson celebrates her award
Amanda Wilmerson
Laura Crowley is recognised for her leading role in Kingsley's dementia care programme called WINGS
Laura Crowley
Luciana Grecu, support worker at The Depperhaugh, is honoured as Kingsley's rising star
Luciana Grecu
Emma Filby receives her award
Emma Filby
Gina Dennison is recognised for her outstanding leadership
Gina Dennison
Kingsley's "Godfather" John Twomey is honoured
John Twomey
Long serving Mariusz Ciepielewski wins award
Mariusz Ciepielewski
Danny Gould, of Thorp House, is honoured
Danny Gould
Kirkley Manor's Carole Cook is honoured
Carole Cook