We are proud to launch our third Kingsley Care Awards which are intended to showcase and reward the amazing work and dedication of our staff. The awards celebrate excellence in the quality of care we provide by recognising individuals who have made an extra special difference to the lives of those we look after. You are invited to nominate colleagues for their exceptional work or impressive attitude and can select one person in each category.

The Hosts

Annabel Croft

Our joint hosts for the third Kingsley Care Awards are former tennis star and television commentator Annabel Croft and BBC presenter David Whiteley read more

Judging Criteria

The number of nominations by staff, residents’ families and external health professionals will
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Here are the most common things we get asked. We hope our answers will help you in your quest.
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Select a category below and nominate a member of the team or yourself for the exceptional works they/you do.

Open to all Kingsley Directors

Nominations are not required for this category. Kingsley’s directors will choose an individual who they feel merits an award but has not been selected in another category.

Open to registered nurses

You will have an impressive toolkit of clinical knowledge but equally as important are your skills of communication. You will be just as much at ease talking to families and residents as other health professionals and you will lead by example, inspiring and encouraging other members of the team.

Open to all Support/care workers

By really getting to know your residents and their families you ensure their individual needs are met; your positive attitude and caring nature are the beating heart of the home you work in.

Open to all activities co-ordinator

Ideal candidates will demonstrate boundless energy and imagination in their programme of activities.

Open to maintenance staff and gardeners

Ideal candidates will demonstrate versatile skills and the positive, cheerful demeanour of someone who is a lynchpin of any home.

Open to care home administrators, Family liaison Officers, Business managers

Through your “go-the-extra-mile” commitment you are recognised by both colleagues and families as a vital link in the chain. Customer service and support are the watchwords in your dealings with staff, residents, families and senior management.

Open to domestic staff, housekeeping staff, kitchen support

You are a crucial part of the home’s DNA; as well as doing your own job well and showing unflagging support to staff and families, you are recognised as a real team player and a rallying influence who can invariably turn negatives into positives and find solutions.

Open to all our specialists services staff

You fully appreciate the importance of our ISISS philosophy and are forever eager to promote it, whether you are sharing knowledge with colleagues, engaging with outside health professionals or challenging managers to improve its implementation.

You will of course have a positive CQC rating and be sticklers when it comes to every aspect of regulation and good practice. However, most important is the caring atmosphere you foster as a team, creating a real home from home for the residents and becoming a cornerstone of the local community.

Open to care home managers and deputy home managers

You are a born leader who demands the highest standards and shows the way by energetically leading from the front. Your success is there to be seen when anyone steps in the door and discovers a happy home and harmonious staff, all working effectively as a team with professionalism and compassion.

Open to all Care Home Chefs

You will, of course, have achieved a top hygiene star rating and manage the kitchen to the highest standards of professional competence. However, we are also looking for someone who really takes the trouble to meet the individual food needs of residents and fosters a fun atmosphere both in the kitchen and the dining room.

Open to Kingsley staff who have been delivering social/health care for no longer than 18 months (New to care)

What you lack in experience you make up for with your dedication to learn the individual needs of each resident; your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air and while you are eager to learn from colleagues you are not afraid to share your own ideas.

Open to all staff at Head Office

You are recognised as a vital cog in Kingsley’s administrative machine, going the extra mile to support colleagues, working across and demonstrating knowledge of the different departments and bringing everyone together.

Open to all Operations / Service Quality Managers

You will be a dynamic leader who is skilled in sharing your knowledge and experience with care home managers and their staff and have a sharp eye for spotting anything that is wrong and putting it right before it becomes a problem.

Open to all team leaders, department heads and operations managers across the Kingsley Group

You embody Kingsley’s vision and values and are great at bringing them to life for others; staff naturally see you as a positive role model and are eager to join you on the Kingsley journey.

Open to all Kingsley staff – the winner will be selected based on Kingsley Employees’ votes

You might nominate someone for any number of reasons: Perhaps they have a heart of gold, are fun to work with or are always there for support. The winner will be someone whose personality brings something special to the daily life of colleagues and/or residents and their families.

Open to all our care home staff

This new award recognises the efforts of a team or individual in promoting their home. Have you organised an event that delighted residents and their families and attracted the interest of the surrounding community and local media?